Building Sustainable Neighborhood Economies


Innovation Works is fortunate to have a broad base of support from Baltimore entrepreneurs, foundations, and institutions with genuine excitement and interest in IW’s mission, values, and sustainable platform. IW attracts investors who support IW’s investment principles.


Investment Principles

  • Partner with investors who are in alignment with its mission and values.

  • Prioritize attraction of new sources of investments into Baltimore’s social innovation sector.

  • Seek individuals and institutional leaders focused on social impact, not just financial returns.

  • Track, measure, and report outcomes to build long term mutually-beneficial relationships.

  • Invest in sustainable social enterprises that build thriving neighborhood economies.


What Differentiates IW?


IW is recognized for its network model of collaboration, which connects and leverages Baltimore’s social innovation assets to multiply the impact of the sector.

Efficient Use of capital

IW’s shared resourcing and variable cost model leads to a more efficient use of capital.

Best Practices

IW is built upon Miller Center’s 20+ year global best practice social enterprise development model.

Upfront Capitalization

IW’s long-term strategy and funding ensures that neighborhoods and community partners can rely on a long term, sustainable, reliable, and trusted partner.

Market informed & Market driven

IW relies on residents’ lived experiences and insights, market research, and technical expertise to inform and prioritize solutions that grow thriving neighborhood economies.

Performance & Metrics Based Management

IW prioritizes investments that are measurable, impactful, and sustainable to reduce Baltimore’s neighborhood wealth divide.

Focus on Human Capital as a Growth Opportunity

IW values talented people in all of Baltimore’s neighborhoods, considering human capital the lifeblood and future of the city.


Become an investor

Interested in hearing more about IW’s impact-driven approach to building sustainable neighborhood economies? We welcome the opportunity to explore with you the many ways any individual or organization can support IW’s efforts.